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Radiance DNA - Stage IV

Global anti-aging treatment based on DNA repair and protection and synchronisation of biological cell clock.

DNA is the code containing all the information necessary for our cells to develop adequately over time. In an optimum scenario, cells maintain a perfect balance between the activity and restorative periods, and this enables them to recover from external aggressions and keep their metabolic functions in perfect condition. However, with aging, oxidative stress and environmental aggressions, in particular sun rays and free radicals, weaken the internal skin mechanisms, damaging the DNA and throwing off balance the expression of some genes essential to fight against skin aging.

radiance DNA professional treatment:

An intensive 5-session treatment for face and neck. It effectively repairs DNA damage and protects from further damage while reactivating the skin’s vital functions.

For the beauty salon treatment, mesoestetic® has designed an exclusive massage protocol: KOBIDO by mesoestetic®. It is based on an ancient Japanese technique that was traditionally reserved for royalty.

The KOBIDO massage combines the effectiveness of the mesoestetic® products with the benefits of advanced face care systems and traditional Asian massage techniques for a comprehensive facial rejuvenation treatment.

The exclusive radiance DNA treatment protocol enhances skin health and longevity and provides a natural face lifting effect. It is anti-aging skin care with an emphasis on prevention.

At the end of the first session, the professional will *offer an at home care treatment product (radiance DNA intensive cream) for the client's follow-up skin care to extend the results of the treatment.

*With the purchase of the 5 sessions.

radiance DNA Home Care available: 

-radiance DNA intensive cream (50 ml):

Global-acting antiaging cream created particularly for reactivating vital skin functions, strengthening the protective barrier action and preventing transdermal water evaporation.

radiance DNA intensive cream includes in its formula the powerful [meso]recovery complex®responsible for stimulating fibroblasts for collagen and hyaluronic acid production and improving the skin defence against oxidative stress.

Bright and glowing, the skin recovers its elasticity and firmness and wrinkles gradually decrease.

-radiance DNA night cream (50 ml):         

radiance DNA night cream uses the natural resting state of the skin to readjust cell metabolism and induce the activity of the genes responsible for skin renewal during sleep.

The unique association of [meso]recovery complex® and chronogen enables re-balancing the activity and rest processes, repairing DNA damage caused during daytime, in addition to preparing the skin for new activity periods.  

Upon waking up, the skin looks rested, redensified and smooth and wrinkles and expression lines fade away.

-radiance DNA eye contour (15 ml):(anti-wrinkle, concealer and anti-bags lifting and tightening effect)

Specific care created for total eye contour repair, thereby achieving a three-fold effect against wrinkles, under-eye bags and circles.

The exclusive [meso]recovery complex® revitalises, drains and activates microflow.

It provides a long-lasting lifting, tightening effect and visibly reduces deep wrinkles. It smooths out, unifies, and lightens the periocular area.

Bags under the eyes and circles disappear visibly.

Its melting texture shows complete affinity for the sensitive eye contour area.

-radiance DNA essence (30 ml):

Concentrated remodelling serum specifically formulated to reconstitute the skin in depth, ensuring solid cell cohesion and potent rejuvenating action.

The unique combination of [meso]recovery complex® technology vehicled by biovectors to enhance penetration, together with active substances with highly tightening and anti-aging properties, stimulates collagen production and strengthens the extracellular matrix, restoring the dermo-epidermal junction.

Redefines and repositions the oval of the face. It makes skin texture thinner and wrinkles are noticeably smoothened.

-radiance DNA elixir (6 x 30 ml):

Regenerating, highly anti-oxidant nutritional complement, formulated to reactivate the cell metabolism of the dermis and help reverse its aging. Concentrates in its formula easily bioassimilable components that contribute to slowing down loss of tightness and wrinkle formation, significantly improving skin condition and texture.

Day after day, the skin gets smoother, tighter and brighter.Method of use: It is recommended to take one daily dose of 1 bottle at night, the first 6 days of each month for 3 months.The treatment can be repeated twice a year.