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Stem Cell - Stage III

molecular biology in  cosmeceuticals

As time goes by, skin cells gradually lose their ability to perform their functions. From the age of 30, the natural cell renewal process slows down. Structural protein synthesis (synthesis of collagen and elastin) decreases, diminishing the cohesion of the skin and resulting in the formation of wrinkles and the loss of skin tone. The skin becomes thinner and loses density, elasticity and luminosity, while spots and expression lines start to appear.

mesoestetic® offers a revolutionary cosmetic treatment designed to protect existing skin cells by stimulating the skin's natural self-repair process: stem Cell. The line is formulated with nanoencapsulated plant stem cells and includes the beauty salon treatment and a line of skin care products for home use.

The aim of the stem Cell treatment is to support skin cells by strengthening their self-repair ability. All Stem Cell products contain highly concentrated plant stem cell extract to combat advanced signs of photoaging and repair skin damage caused by intrinsic factors, skin stress, or environmental exposure.

Nanoencapsulation: the active ingredient is encapsulated in liposomes to enhance ingredient penetration into the skin and achieve optimal results.

stem Cell Professional Treatment a simple and effective regenerative treatment (5 sessions) for the face and neck with Stem Cell that combines renewing and repairing ingredients with an exclusive and regenerative massage technique.

At the end of the first session, the professional will *offer an at home care treatment product (stem Cell intensive cream) for the client's follow-up skin care to extend the results of the treatment.

*With the purchse of the 5 sessions.

Stem Cell Home Care available:

-24 hour: stem Cell active growth factor (50 ml)
-lip contour: stem Cell nanofiller lip contour (15 ml):
The first filling effect cream based on plant stem cells extract and hyaluronic acid specifically designed for the treatment of the delicate lip contour area. This unique combination acts synergistically and provides a twofold effect:

regenerator: the plant stem cell extract stimulates collagen and elastin production, prolonging cell life.

filler: hyaluronic acid fills the thinner areas, providing support to the cells created.