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collagen 360º - Stage II

collagen 360º The first comprehensive collagen boosting treatment

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the skin (70%). It also accounts for 25% of the body proteins and is the main component of the extracellular matrix (support structure).

Its function is to ensure mechanical resistance and firmness of the dermis. Collagen synthesis reduction occurs, however, over time, with increased degradation as well as disorganisation of its fibres, which causes tissue damage and facial volume loss.

The collagen 360º line by mesoestetic® is specifically designed to counteract the loss of collagen that increases naturally with age and combat the signs of chronological aging. Formulated with a high concentration of enriched marine collagen, collagen 360º stimulates the cell renewal process and reactivates the production of collagen and substances that plump the skin and add volume.

collagen 360º professional treatment(5 sessions) is a simple, effective professional treatment for the face and neck combining products which are highly redensifying and tightening, with an exclusive firming massage technique.

At the end of the first session, the professional will *offer an at home care treatment product (Collagen 360º intensive cream) for the client's follow-up skin care to extend the results of the treatment.

Price: £560

*With the purchase of the 5 sessions.

Collagen 360º Home Care available:

-Collagen 360º intensive cream

-Collagen 360º eye contour (fades dark circles and signs of fatigue and stimulates collagen regeneration) 

-Collagen 360º capsuled mask:

Non woven mask encapsulated in an aluminium blister pack. It expands in contact with collagen 360º solution, decongestant activating fluid, that provides an immediate tightening effect. Its combination of ultraconcentrated active substances enables it to fulfil the following functions:

-Dermal stimulation of fibroblasts

-Moisturising and regeneration of damaged skin

-Immediate tightening action     

Collagen 360º elixir:

Enriched marine collagen has the characteristic of being assimilable both by the topical and by oral route. Collagen 360º elixir is a drinkable nutricosmetic specifically formulated for skin firming and wrinkle reduction. Its bioassimilable ingredients act in the outermost layers to nourish the skin from the inside. By re-establishing the skin's metabolic balance and enhancing the biosynthesis of its ingredients, collagen 360º elixir acts as a complement to the use of cosmeceutics.

Active substance:

Each bottle contains 10g of hydrolysed collagen. It does not show any adverse events; it is digestible and assimilable by the body. It does not contain any fats or cholesterol.

Method of use: It is recommended to take one daily dose of 1 bottle at night, the first 6 days of each month for 3 months. The treatment can be repeated twice a year.