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energy C - Stage I

energy C is formulated with a high concentration of vitamin C, which helps prevent skin aging. When applied topically, vitamin C remains on the skin for 48 hours, thereby having 30 times the therapeutic effect of oral supplementation. Its effectiveness has been shown in a number of in vivo and in vitro studies, which have conclusively demonstrated its antioxidant, UVA & UVB photoprotective, skin brightening (effective whitening agent), and collagen-boosting properties.

Thanks to its high concentration of vitamin C, energy C is the ideal treatment for skin that has become fragile due to excessive sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, or stress.

energy C includes a home maintenance line and a professional treatment.

energy C professional treatment is a simple and effective 5-session facial treatment. It delivers visible results on the face and neck thanks to its combination of antioxidant and skin brightening products and wonderfully energizing massage.

At the end of the first session, the professional will *offer an at home care treatment product (energy c intensive cream) for the client's follow-up skin care to extend the results of the treatment.

*With the purchase of the 5 sessions.

Its highly recomended a course of 5 sessions, 1 session a week.

energy C Home Care available:

-24 cream: energy c intensive cream (50ml):

Brightening Cream formulated to respond to the first signs of aging.  Its concentration in stable Vitamin C unifies the skin tone providing it with brightness.  Its antioxidant properties counteract the harmful effects of ultra violet rays, preventing premature photoaging.  The combination of its active substances provides moisturising and attenuates fine wrinkles and expression lines.

-eye contour: energy c eye contour (15 ml) (antioxidant action eliminates signs of fatigue and provides a high concentration of vitamin C):

Energising cream formulated to respond to stage 1 signs of aging in the particular area.  Its high vitamin C concentration exerts a cumulative action against eye rings that gradually removes the signs of tiredness.  The existence of plant tensors, collagen synthesis stimulants and restoring elastic fibre‚Äôs provides moisturising and tonicity, counteracting the appearance of the first wrinkles in the eye contour.

-Serum: energy c complex (4 bottles of 7 ml):

4 weeks of intensive antioxidant, moisturising and tensor treatment. It stimulates the skin's ability to protect against free radicals, keeping it in a state of eudermia. Ultraconcentrated vitamin C (10%) is encapsulated in the protective cap to keep its properties unaltered until it is used. Once vitamin C has been released, store the serum in the fridge and use for 7 consecutive days. Each bottle corresponds to one week of treatment. To keep the skin in optimum conditions, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every 4 months. 

Active substances: 
- 10% ascorbyl glucoside 
- Osilift: tensor of plant origin with anti-wrinkle properties. Flash lifting effect. 
- Vitamin E: It improves skin nourishing and elasticity and provides a response to fine wrinkles and expression lines.